1st Global Perspectives:

Second Quarter 2017

  • Fixed-Income Stategies for a Rising-Rate Environment
  • Investment Shock Absorbers

First Quarter 2017

  • Asset Allocation 101
  • Navigating the New Normal:  Fixed-Income Investing in a World of Mounting Risks

Fourth Quarter 2016

  • Presidential Elections and the Stock Market
  • Retirement Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Third Quarter 2016

  • Boom, Bust, Bounceback?  Housing in the U.S.
  • Top 10 Ways to Avoid Becoming Phishing Bait

Second Quarter 2016

  • Will China Go Boom or Bust?
  • Interest Rate Risk:  Why Duration Matters

First Quarter 2016

  • 6 Things Investors Should Remember During Times of Turmoil
  • Why You Can't Afford to Wait to Save for Retirement

Fourth Quarter 2015

  • Why All Generations Should Practice Wise Financial Planning
  • Stay the Course, Despite Recent U.S. Stock Market Volatility

Third Quarter 2015

  • Making Benchmarks More Personal
  • Gravel Road Investing

Second Quarter 2015

  • Is Your Life Insurance Policy on Auto Pilot?
  • The Rule of 72:  A Double Take on Your Portfolio

First Quarter 2015

  • 5 Reasons Economic Optisim Should Be Your new Year's Resolution
  • Simple Tips for Smooth IRA Rollovers